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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
YX-120W Battery charger video YX-120W battery charger with sliver aluminium case 6.47MB 72 2018-06-01 Download
YX-180W Battery Charger video .mp4 YX-180W Battery Charger with black aluminium case 6.61MB 67 2018-06-01 Download
YX2000W Charger Parameter.pdf YX2000W Battery Charger Parameter 122KB 174 2018-05-31 Download
YX1500W Charger Parameter.pdf YX1500W Battery Charger Parameter 122KB 44 2018-05-31 Download
YX900W Charger Parameter.pdf YX900W Battery Charger Parameter 122KB 50 2018-05-31 Download
YX600W Parameter Charger.pdf YX600W Battery Charger Parameter 122KB 46 2018-05-31 Download
YX360W charger parameter.pdf YX360W Battery Charger Parameter 122KB 44 2018-05-31 Download
YX120W-48V Charger Parameter.pdf YX-120W 48V Battery Charger Parameter 117KB 50 2018-05-31 Download
YX120W-36V Charger parameter.pdf YX-120W 36V Battery Charger Parameter 117KB 48 2018-05-31 Download
YX120W-12V Charger Parameter.pdf 120W 12V Battery charger parameter 119KB 41 2018-05-31 Download
YX120W-24V Charger Parameter.pdf YX-120W 24V Battery Charger Parameter 119KB 42 2018-05-31 Download

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